Funny WhatsApp Status & SMS 2020

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Pappu went to a doctor to get a solution of loose motions.

Doctor: tell me, what’s your problem?

Pappu: Suffering from unlimited free outgoing with different ringtones.

A cute Nurse came for an interview.
Doctor: What salary do you expect?
Nurse: Rs g,000
The doctor was overjoyed and said: My pleasure.
Nurse: With pleasure its Rs 25,000

Hoslay saray azma baithay,
Hum zamanay k ghum utha baithay,

Jis ki chahat main umer bhar tarpay,
Us ki shadi ki biryani kha baithay:)

Don’t give importance to money
It can give bed but not sleep,
Books but not brains,
Clothes but not beauty,
Luxuries but not happiness.
So, Transfer it to my account!

Pappu and Pinky were arguing over the breakfast table.
“You’re so stupid,” said Pappu.
“That’s enough” said their dad. “Pappu, say sorry to Pinky”, added Santa.
Pappu: I’m sorry you’re so stupid!

This Message Is Strictly For,
Smart and Intelligent People;
And If You Have Received It. Then
Obviously, It’s A Technical Error.

Sorry for distrubing you at this time…
if you are free now…
if you in good mood now….
if you have no work…
then please delete this message.

Girlfriend: Am I pretty or ugly?
Happu: You’re both.
Girlfriend: What do you mean both?
Pappu: You’re pretty ugly!

Jeeto: What Do You Think About
Our Love?
Santa: Try to Count the Stars
In the Sky.
Jeeto: Wow, So Its Infinite.
Santa: No Baby,
It’s A Waste of Time.

There are 6 types of fear:
1. Terror
2. Panic
3. Exam Result
4. Username or Password is incorrect
5. We need to talk
6. 1 missed call from Wife

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